About Us

Ping Pong Story is an online community that empowers kids to write, read, and share stories within an imaginative cartoon environment!

We believe in the power of play, self-discovery, and peer learning. Kids can embark on countless writing adventures at their own pace and about their own passions. Once they are done, stories can be shared with their friends.

Our community is run by the friendliest monsters, The Borixons. They oversee the kids’ stories and help writers have a great experience on the site by sparking their creativity. Let's meet them by clicking here.

The website came to life from the founder’s childhood memories of writing stories with friends, and her wish to recreate her experience on a digital platform for the new generation of kids. We are a team of software developers, designers, communicators, and business people working to ensure a unique safe place for kids.

Ping Pong Story happily encourages interactions between:

For teachers we offer an immersive space that combines traditional in-class activities with a digital experiential learning philosophy. The tool allows teachers to create creative writing and reading activities that will result in higher student engagement.

Feel free to give us some feedback or simply say hello at info@pingpongstory.com.