The Borixons are four friendly whimsical monsters whose role is to run
Ping Pong Story within planet Borix. They oversee kids’ stories and help writers have a great experience on the site and sparkle their imaginations.


is both sweet and sassy. She is naturally a caring leader, which makes her the perfect captain of the planet.


is the top skater of the planet Borix. He is fearless and an adventure seeker who pushes the boundaries, which sometimes gets him into trouble. The adventure world is his favourite. Uff! he can get grumpy when hungry.


is the sharp tinker, the monster who makes and fixes things. He is captivated by every broken element that crosses his way.


is fun-loving, brave, and the most mischievous little guy at Borix. He very often gets laugh attacks that can only be stopped after Elumia join in.