Ping Pong Story is a creative community for kids where they can create their own stories within an environment that sparks their imagination. Our goal is to entertain, educate, and make the literacy process fun.
We believe in the power of play, self-discovery, and peer learning.

What can my child do on the website?


Secret stories: only your child can access them, and share them by email.
Public stories: are public only within our community at


Read public stories created by other writers on the website


Interact with others - by high fiving writers’ stories


Build and be part of a creative community

Account registration

Registration for children under 13 years of age requires parental consent.
When a child creates an account at, he/she will be
granted 24-hour access until the parent activates the account. If fail to do
so, the account will be deleted.


Our goal is to maintain a safe place for kids. All content is constantly being
monitored before posted on the website.


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